Here's a list of providers that prescribe medication.


Because I am not an M.D., I do not prescribe medication.  If you are interested in psychotropic medication, the following is a list of providers in Austin, Texas who clients of mine have seen and have enjoyed working with:


Dr. Ashley Deaton, M.D.
(512) 610-0612

Dr. Bernard Aoueille, M.D.
(512) 327-9400

Reid Minot, RN
(512) 454-5716


Dr. Letha Cole, M.D.
(512) 535-7075

Dr. Shelly Riley, M.D.
(512) 329-8222

Texas Child Study Center
(512) 324-3315

Each of the above-mentioned providers determines their own fee schedule, methods for practicing, and are in no way affiliated with me or my practice. I cannot guarantee their availability or acceptance of any particular insurance plan, if any. Please contact them directly for any questions you may have about cost, availability, theoretical approach, or anything else regarding their medical practice.